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Best Tips: 5 Smart Passive Income Ideas Any Entrepreneur Can Start With In (2023)

Smart Passive Income Idea


Passive income has almost become a generic term in todays time, everyone wants to have a side hustle or passive income to support the bills, but it is either too  much ideas which can lead to confusion or frustration or no idea at all which might leave you in serious debt… in this article today, ill be helping you understand the what passive income means, how to best utilize it and 5 consistent passive income ideas that works!

5 Smart Passive Income Ideas Any Entrepreneur Can Start With In 2023


Smart Passive Income Ideas

First things first, What is passive income?

Passive income is regarded as income that requires  little work to generate, maintain and sustain other than a traditional job.


Passive income streams can come from investing in mutual funds or real estate, selling products online, publishing online courses, or other side hustles in which the earner doesn’t have to actively participate


Unlike active income, passive income is often generated automatically, providing residual income with minimal time and effort. It can improve your personal finances and give you the freedom of time and space. Not having to trade your time for money can reduce stress, anxiety, uncertainty and make you feel more confident about your financial future.

Whether you’re a service provider trying to stop selling dollars for hours or a product business looking to add income sources that don’t involve the logistics of sending out physical products, consider the following passive income ideas.

1. Create a print-on-demand store


If you’re an artist, designer, or entrepreneur, print on demand can be a profitable passive income stream and monetize your creativity. It involves working with suppliers to customize white label products like t-shirts, posters, backpacks, or books and selling them on a per-order basis.


Similar to dropshipping, you only pay for the product after you sell it. There’s no buying in bulk or inventory needed. Print-on-demand stores are a good passive income stream because:

  • You can create products quickly and put them up for sale in minutes
  • Shipping and fulfillment is taken care of by your supplier
  • Once your store is set up, you can automate many marketing and sales processes

With a print-on-demand company like Printful, you can easily create products to sell in your Shopify store quickly. Overall, print on demand is a simple, low-risk passive income source you can get up and running fast.


2. Sell digital products


Digital products are assets or pieces of media consumers can’t touch physically. These include downloadable or streamable files such as Kindle books, templates, plug-ins, or PDFs.

Digital products are great passive income sources because they have high profit margins. You only have to make the asset once, and you can sell it repeatedly via your online business. There’s no storage or inventory needed.

You can sell as many digital products as you want. Many creators scale passive income from digital assets by selling kits, pintables, files, and other materials professionals can use.


3. Teach online courses



It’s easier than ever for educators to sell courses online. Whether it’s marketing, illustration, or entrepreneurship, you can create pre-recorded courses and start selling with few limitations. Similar to digital products, you can sell online courses repeatedly without holding any inventory or stock, generating passive income.


Teaching online requires some upfront investment in time. You’ll need to outline your course, record it, and create downloadable assets like templates for students to walk away with.


Take Yegi Saryan, founder of Yegi Beauty, for example. After creating an online beauty brand selling eyelash extension products, she created an educational branch called Yegi Academy. Her lash classes help entrepreneurs around the world jumpstart their beauty careers, offering both online and on-site training.


4. Affiliate marketing and sales


Smart Passive Income Ideas


Affiliate sales are passive income generated when someone purchases after clicking on a link or using a referral code that you publish on your website, blog, video, or podcast. Typically, you will earn a flat commission rate or a percentage of their purchase total.



You can find affiliate links for just about any product or service. In other words, you could make passive income from product reviews to software evaluations. Affiliate programs are pretty competitive and require high-quality and consistent content production to be successful.


5. Rent out your home or car


Your home is not the only thing you can rent out to earn passive income. You can also offer your car up for rent with a service like Turo. If you already use your car for Uber, you can sign up with platforms like Carvertise or Wrapify to earn extra money as you take trips around town.

Another way to turn your car into a passive income stream is to look for someone who needs a car for Uber or Lyft. So instead of actively driving around in your free time, you can pull up a Netflix show while your car works for you.




Smart Passive Income Ideas


And here we have it! the 5 smartest passive income ideas you can start out with in 2023 without regrets, regardless of how good these ideas are, they are all not a perfect fit to each individual, carefully pick out the special one that works for you and work with it for the rest of the year, don’t forget to drop your thoughts and questions in the comments, until i write to you again, stay above the tides and keep winning always!

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