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6 Proven Ways To Identify a Tech Bro – (2022)

tech bro


Since last year, there has been a lot of fuzz about tech bros and ladies in tech. They’re like the cool smart species of the human race…Lolzz….Its just like this,  there’s every other normal person alive, and there are the tech bros, Nonetheless it’s not hard to pick out a tech bro from the crowd because their personality, dress sense and communication abilities gives a whole new vibe…


But who are they? What do they do? And how do they help in building a better society (or are they even building the society)?


A Tech bro has many definitions. Yourdictionary.com defines tech bros as “A hyper masculine man employed in the tech industry and is located in Silicon Valley”. PC Mag defines the term as “A slang for the technical community. It sometimes refers to the newly minted millionaires and billionaires after the launch of a high-tech IPO”. But for the purpose of this blog post, we’ll use Nairametrics definition  and they defined a techie as a guy (or lady) working in the tech space.



This person could be a founder of a tech startup or a developer working for one and everything in between. These tech bros come with different skills and titles, ranging from Software developers, UI/UX designers, data analysts and scientists, product managers, and even technical writers.



A lot of Nigerian tech bros started their journey by joining boot camps, taking courses  and before you know it, they become coaches on twitter. It’s not a path for the weak  because it requires hours of grinding and hard-work. The first couple of months are always the most challenging, and they most likely take up  small gigs for urgent 2k or 5k as the case may be and eventually grow into a full career.



Identifying tech bros isn’t all that hard,  its relatively easy to spot them out if you know what to look out for, and so in this article, ill be giving you 10 proven ways to identify a tech bro anywhere in  the world…


10 Proven Ways To Identify a Tech Bro – 2022


1. Dressing:

This is basically the top of the list, tech bros all across the world round the world have a very similar dress sense and attitude towards making wardrobe choices, so if you’ve been trying to figure out the perfect dress sense for a verified tech bro, you should probably check this out and read all through till the end…



Every tech bro i know has at least 3 different shades of black turtlenecks. it can come in different shades and colors, but black is most definitely the standard.

tech bro

2. Chelsea boots

3. Laptop bag

4. Headphones

5. Preaching on Twitter

7. Sweatpants

8. Piercings

9. Painted nails (Once you see this one, no more arguments, he’s a tech bro.)


2. Hairstyle

Afro/dreadlocks/dyed hair

tech bro


As most of them seem to be going through pre-midlife crises, they suddenly decide that a non-conventional hairstyle is what has been missing from their lives so they try to fill this void with diverse kind of hair styles to suit their feelings for the time being. Unfortunately, most of them don’t even have the hairline capacity for this.

3. Laptop covered with stickers


tech bro










The only thing more important than getting a time out and socializing is making sure everyone knows you’re a tech bro. they’d always have  a bunch of stickers lined out on their laptop so everyone gets the idea.


4. Preaching on Twitter


tech bro


They always have something to say about everything, because of their knowledge in what they do and the whole fuzz and hype, they basically want to be a major contributor to every conversation so it’s not strange to find  tech bros always interested in having a piece of every conversation.


5. They are really confident

Tech Bros tend to be very confident men in their twenties and thirties, and some of them have a very likable personality, the social communication skills of a classic nerd most of the time is usually gone. Some of them are keen on partying and getting up to wacky hijinx, and may use the phrase “work hard, play hard”. They’re less likely to be shy around people they’re attracted to


tech bro


Many Tech Bros aren’t just interested in tech — they’re interested in monetizing it. They are just in need of the recognition, monetary value and the regard that comes with getting the job done. They’ll talk about stock options and capturing market share as much as they do about research and coding. They might be rich geniuses and other times they might just be a manager of a bunch of world class thinkers.


6. Super smart

The Tech Bro is a variant of the Nerd , and he finds safety in abandoning and downplaying others. He’s very intelligent and technologically-minded, — instead of being awkward and socially isolated, they’ve turned into fratbros, corporate executives, or suave influencers.


tech bro


And there you have it, 6 Proven Ways To Identify a Tech Bro, i hope you found this helpful today? and as always, i would love to hear from you; what’s your opinion on tech bros?



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