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Best International Payment Processing Service (Flaxx.co) – 2023

International payments

International payments Flaxx –

Receiving money from various payment portals online can be such exhausting business. in Nigeria its not news that virtually everything is hard to come by, even the simplest things will take your time and exhaust your money in ways you cannot understand and that includes receiving payments from international clients abroad.

Nigerian Freelancers, copywriters, sales experts, and basically anyone who works for the international community is bound to face this confusing challenge either at the early stages of earning or all through the working year and that’s basically the primary essence of this article…


in this article, I’ll be introducing one of the best international payment processing service that enables basically anyone create a virtual dollar or Euro account from scratch in 5 minutes  and receive payment faster, easier and seamlessly…


So without wasting so much time on a lengthy introduction, lets get into the juicy part!


Best International Payment Processing Service (Flaxx.co) – 2023


Receive Money Online Flaxx


Flaxx   is by far one of the fastest growing and  reliable payment processing portals right now in Nigeria when it comes to international transactions, it’s my one-time less dramatic medium to send and receive money abroad. Flaxx allows you receive payments from anywhere in the world within the shortest possible time, they are targeted at anyone hoping to secure payments fast and at a very reasonable rate too ranging from entrepreneurs to freelancers, digital creators, business owners and basically anyone wanting to receive payments from abroad in Nigeria.


Payments are sent directly to your flaxx dollar or Euro account and withdrawals can be requested and processed within 3 hours directly to your Nigerian bank account.


You can set up an account with Flaxx in less than 10 minutes, get verified and receive payments in any currency at cheap rates.there are no extra charges on deposit, it is absolutely FREE, Flaxx charges only on withdrawals for transactions. Here are the pros and cons to look out for when using Flaxx…


international Payments


Pros of Using Flaxx


  1. Transactions are fast and easy
  2. it is safe and secure
  3. The verification process is easy to walk through
  4. Deposit is absolutely free
  5. Their transfer rates are  great
  6. Their users enjoy  24/7 customer support system


Cons of Using Flaxx


  1. They do not use a mobile app
  2. they are new to the payment processing industry


Flaxx Features


  • Works well with PayPal, Payoneer, and Amazon


  • Virtual Account for PayPal Verification and International Payment


  • Accept credit and debit cards, Alipay, Applepay and so much more


  • Works well with other freelance services like Upwork and Fiverr


I have tested the website for myself and everything is functional. The USD account here can be used in withdrawing funds from PayPal, Payoneer, Amazon, Upwork and Fiver. Like Grey and Payoneer, creating a virtual account is free, and you only need to prove your identity in four easy steps.



You can also link this virtual account to PayPal or Payoneer so that you can withdraw your funds at the black market rate. I guess everybody knows Payoneer’s rate is very low. The rate right now will be about NGN430, which is the official CBN rate. If you still withdraw from Payoneer straight to your Naira account, you are losing a lot of money and leaving out the better part on the table.


How to Open A Flaxx Account




  1. To register and verify your Flaxx account, follow this process,
  2. Go to https://Flaxx.co
  3. On the left side corner, click on the three lines and choose Register
  4. Provide all your necessary details, including your Full name, email, Phone number and password.
  5. When you are done, click on create an account. Then the website will ask you to verify your email address.
  6. An OTP would be sent to your email to verify, input the OTP code and click on Verify. You will be verified immediately and your account will be activated successfully
  7. And there you have it, your account would be ready, you can simply login with your email and password to complete your KYC. They trade with the black market rate and receives deposit at zero cost.
  8. After ID verification, you can request virtual cards. You can request GBP, USD, Euro, and Naira bank accounts. Your USD account will be given to you immediately you request for one.

What is the best way to accept international payments?


Flaxx is the best way to go international, they provide;
  1. Support for major currencies and accept payments from countries from around the world.
  2. Easy Activation. Hassle free activation for businesses upon sign-up.
  3. Real-time currency conversion
  4. Settlements in Nigerian naira
  5. Deals on black market rate
  6. Inbuilt PayPal Integration
  7. Promotional links available for referrals
  8. No- charge withdrawals

Which is the fastest and most secure payment system?

Flaxx is one of the most popular, fastest and safest online payment methods available today. Famous for how customer friendly it is, Flaxx has a solid system that is convenient to use globally.

The upsides of using Flaxx are that It is free to sign up, Fast, efficient, and clients need to sign up only once and get verified within the shortest possible time.


What are the features of international payments?

1. Transaction between Two Countries:

International transaction is done between two countries, i.e., the business done between two countries is called international business. When one country buys goods from another it is called the importer and the selling country is called the exporter.

2. Two Parties:

Like local business, in international business too, there must be at least two parties. One party receives the payment while the other gives the payment. This giving and receiving of payments is included in international payments.

3. Value Transfer:

Money transfer and value transfer are two different things. Money transfer happens in local business while in international business value transfer takes place. Because two countries have different currencies the value transfer is done through an exchange banker.

4. Process:

One characteristic of international payment is its difficult work process. It is a difficult process in comparison to local business. The reasons for this are different currencies, exchange control, variation in exchange rates etc.

5. Economic and Non-Economic Activities:

International payment takes place due to both economic and non-economic activities. Export-import, loan, interest etc. are included in economic activities. Due to these activities one party becomes the payer and the other becomes the receiver. The responsibilities are fulfilled by – payment from one to another. Non-economic activities include help, grant, damages, money transfer by non-residents, expenses incurred on embassies, tourists, sports persons etc.

There are no difficulties for payments in local business. Both parties reside in the same country and face no problem in giving or receiving payment in the local currency. But when payment process takes place between two countries it is called international payment. There is difficulty in international payment because both parties are in different countries. Currencies in both countries are different and the currency of one is not legally acceptable in the other and foreign exchange is controlled by the governments in all the countries and not individuals.




in today’s article, we’ve gone ahead to explore the best possible way you can Receive Money Online with Flaxx and how best to open, deposit, and effortlessly run your foreign account from anywhere in Nigeria. who knew that opening an international account could be this simple? if you haven’t created an account, I recommend you go back and do so, now that its FREE and very easy to become verified… I also took out the time to attend to some questions you might have on international payments and processing, I hope you find this content helpful and resourceful, until I write to you again, stay above the trends and dominate your space…

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