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6 Best Ways To Receive Payments From Abroad In Nigeria (2022 Updates)


If you are an online entrepreneur, freelancer, or creator, then your biggest issue is how to receive payments from abroad in Nigeria. This is mainly due to the fact that most payment/ fintech platforms have either banned Nigeria from signing up an account with them or made the process so strict that you might almost not be able to get an account with them.

This is the same issue we faced for years, we couldn’t receive payment from our online businesses, employers, and foreign clients to Nigeria. Most people just totally ignore doing any online business or getting foreign customers because they cannot figure out how to receive the earnings after the job has been done.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to receive payments from abroad in Nigeria that is both safe and efficient and swift, this is exactly why I writing this post to help you guys learn these 6 smart ways to receive payments from abroad in Nigeria.

I will make a list and also share with you the PROS and CONS of using each platform so you can make the right choice to receive international payments in Nigeria and for this, I will employ you to read this to the very end because money issues is not what you want to continue playing and you want to avoid the “HAD I KNOWN” situation.

If you are ready then, Let’s dive right in!

6 Best Ways To Receive Payments From Abroad In Nigeria.


6 best ways to receive money from abroad in Nigeria.


WISE formerly TransferWise is a London-based online money transfer service founded in 2011 which uses the exchange rates provided by Reuters to facilitate its transactions.

With Wise, there are no hidden fees, you can easily make transfers and receive payments and get your money swiftly.

Wise provides you with a reliable way to receive money from another country. Clients, family, and friends overseas can easily send you payments via their credit cards, debit cards, or bank account.

Their service delivery is speedy and easy, and you get notified immediately the money drops in your bank account through your email.

All the sender needs to know about you is your bank account details and email address.

Wise is a very reliable option for receiving money as it shows the sender a cost breakdown of the transactions. If you’re looking to receive money from overseas, you might want to consider this.

It seems it is all praise for Wise but I will share with you the PROS and CONS so you can make your choice

Receive money from abroad in Nigeria.

Pros Of Using Wise

  1. Easy transfer
  2. Receive payment worldwide
  3. Instant credits
  4. Secure transactions


Cons Of Using Wise

  1. NO longer available for Nigerians
  2. Very low transaction rate (Almost at bank rates)
  3. Can block you out anytime if you create an account through alternative routes

The CONS alone put entrepreneurs who want to receive payment from abroad in Nigeria at very high risk with Wise. Use at your peril.


WorldRemit is a digital payments service that provides international money transfer and remittance services in more than 130 countries and over 70 currencies of which Nigeria is not exempted. It was founded in 2010 by Ismail Ahmed, Catherine Wines, and Richard Igoe.

With World Remit, you can receive money from clients, family, and friends residing abroad at low service rates. This platform makes it easy and fast as all the sender need is a computer, smartphone, or tablet device.

World Remit lets you receive money directly into your bank account from the sender’s credit card or bank account with no hassles. It integrates well with more than 20 Nigerian banks making its service delivery timeless and seamless.

I personally had this experience when I got a client who wanted to pay me for a Website Design gig from Australia. I never knew about World Remit till then and all I could say after I received the money in a few minutes was – this was very fast. Used to be my go to when I want to receive money from foreign clients but ….. pheeww…

You can also get instant airtime top-ups to any Nigerian network such as Airtel, MTN, Globacom, and 9Mobile. 

At this time, it still boasts of over 125,000 5-star reviews, your money is in safe hands. World Remit has put smiles on the faces of a lot of Nigerians with their fast and efficient money transfer service.

If you are already loving WorldRemit then you should see the PROS and CONS too.

Receive Payments from Abroad in Nigeria

Pros of Using World Remit

  1. Swift transactions
  2. Huge coverage
  3. Secured payments
  4. Get funds in your local bank and local currency
  5. 3 FREE transfers for first-time users
  6. Transfer Airtime top ups

Cons Of Using World Remit

  1. The exchange rate is very poor
  2. Support is limited
  3. Nigerians can’t send money but only receive money on the app.

3, Skrill

Skrill is unarguably one of the fastest ways to send and receive money from anywhere in the world, Skrill lets you get your payment directly into your Nigerian bank account in minutes and without stress.

Receive payments from abroad in Nigeria


Just like PayPal, Skrill had barred Nigerians from using its service until recently. The restriction was lifted to allow Nigerians to enjoy its efficient online money transfer service. That sounds like a Yaaay!!!! 

Skrill provides you with a digital wallet, an easy way for you to receive money from clients, families, and friends overseas. All you need do is sign up with the Skrill platform and send your email address to your client abroad. Making it very simple to take payments with just your email address, your client can send you money into your Skrill wallet within minutes.

After which you can then initiate a transfer into your Nigerian bank account, which will reflect in no time.

A Skrill money transfer is free if it’s domestic, but you may be hit with a fee if you’re sending internationally. You may also be made to pay an extra charge of $5 every year if your account is inactive, which means you didn’t make at least one payment over the previous 12 months. This won’t happen if you have closed the account, so if you no longer wish to use the service, make sure you withdraw every last cent and close your account to avoid unnecessary charges.

Is your money safe with Skrill? Yes, it is absolutely secure as they employ PCI-compliant standards to ensure their data is protected always.

Skrill is a great service for some users, but might not be the right one for others. It all depends on what you need it for. To help you discover if Skrill is right for you, take a look at these pros and cons.

What are the PROS and CONS of using Skrill?

Pros of Using Skrill Payment

  1. Skrill has both personal and business account options
  2. its safe and secure
  3. it comes with a prepaid card
  4. it works with numerous devices

Cons of Using Skrill Payment

  1. verification process takes a whole lot of time
  2. They have very limited customer service
  3. processing payments is unnecessarily tedious


4, Flutterwave

Receive Payments from Abroad in Nigeria


Flutterwave provides a platform where you can receive payments in different currencies around the globe.

With Flutterwave, you don’t have to worry about going to the bank because you need to receive money from clients overseas. The Flutterwave platform guarantees you ease and convenience to initiate transactions from anywhere in the world.

Receiving money through Flutterwave is as simple as ABC. All that is required is for you to create an account on the platform, provide your local bank account details, and set yourself up for payment convenience

Flutterwave was founded in 2016, and in a short while, it has gone ahead to be a significant shareholder in the market, providing PCI-DSS compliant solution to ensure the security of your customer data.
Rave allows you to receive payments locally and globally directly from bank accounts, cards and mobile money wallets with no hassles at all. Flutterwave charges you 3.8% of each international transaction you carry out.

They help buyers make purchases in more than 156 countries in the world. It accepts popular cards like Verve, Visa, and MasterCard while making both local and international transactions. Creating an account with them is free but a fee of 1.4% + ₦50 is charged for local card transactions and 3.5% + $1 is charged for international transactions. You should check out these PROS and CONS before choosing your preferred payment portal

Pros of Using  Flutterwave.

  1. Flutterwave service is currently active and it can receive and send money in over 30 African countries.
  2. Their service is also rendered across the world
  3. processing payments with them is fast and easy
  4. They have a payment application known as batter

Cons of Using  Flutterwave.

  1. Their service is not rendered in all African countries.
  2. They are still new in the payment processing industry.



Ever since PayPal delisted Nigeria from the list of countries that could receive money through its service, methods of how to receive payments from abroad In Nigeria became very difficult and tedious.

 Payoneer, however, provides a secure and easy alternative used to receive international payments in Nigeria from other countries.

Receive payments from abroad in Nigeria


Payoneer’s cross-border payment service has empowered local businesses, freelancers, digital marketers, amazon publishers and every other online seller to make and receive payments globally, just like they would locally. 

 In other words, it works exactly as PayPal does.

Recently, Payoneer entered into partnerships with top e-commerce and freelance platforms, affiliate networks, and global outsourcing providers to provide an easy way to receive money from clients overseas.

To receive money through Payoneer in Nigeria, you have to register HERE go through the step by step process to sign up and then you can get access to requesting a virtual bank account number which can be used to receive payments into your Payoneer account, you can go ahead to request for withdrawal into your bank account.


Payoneer is the most popular (after PayPal) payment solution for Nigerians as far as they want to receive payments from abroad is concerned and so most newbies will turn t them first after getting burnt by PAYPAL but there are a few things I didn’t like about this platform which I will reveal to you. 

Let’s dive into the pros and cons.

Pros of Using Payoneer

  1. Most popular and trusted platform
  2. Gives you a US/UK/GBP/Ca/Sg several bank accounts to collect payments from different parts of the world
  3. Transactions are fast when paying through email tags
  4. Secured Payment
  5. You can get a physical card sent to you for ATM withdrawals

Cons of Using Payoneer

  1. Transactions might take up to 3 days
  2. Withdrawing to a local bank account might be poor (at bank rates)
  3. Card transactions are also at bank exchange rates.

I love Payoneer I used it until a better solution that provides you more was created and if you want to know, make sure to read the next guy on the list.


 6, Flaxx

receive payments from abroad


Flaxx   is by far the fastest growing and  reliable payment portal right now in Nigeria when it comes to international transactions, it’s my one-time favorite medium to send and receive money abroad.


waivve allows you receive payments from anywhere in the world within the shortest possible time, they are targeted at anyone hoping to secure payments fast and at a sweet rate too ranging from entrepreneurs to freelancers, digital creators, and business owners and basically anyone wanting to receive payments from abroad in Nigeria


You receive payments directly to your Nigerian bank account as soon as you place withdrawals,unlike most payment portals, where account verification is almost impossible, you can set up an account with waivve in less than 10 minutes, get verified and receive payments in any currency at sweet and cheap rates.there are no extra charges on deposit, it is absolutely FREE, Waivve charges only on withdrawals for transactions


Pros of Using Flaxx

  1. Transactions are fast and easy
  2. it is safe and secure
  3. The verification process is easy to walk through
  4. Deposits are absolutely free
  5. Their transfer rates are  great
  6. Their users enjoy  24/7 customer support system

Cons of Using Flaxx

  1. They do not have a mobile app
  2. they are new to the payment processing industry



This list above are the 6 best ways to receive payments from abroad in Nigeria 2022. By now you might be wondering what payment portal would best suit your current transaction, we’ve helped you out so far by outlining their various strengths and weaknesses to enable you make better decisions when next you receive payments abroad.

Among the 6 best payment processing companies listed above, i carried out a research and from my findings, you will encounter less stress and loose no money if you choose a payment portal using this order…


2- wise

3- payonner

4- flutterwave

5- skrill

6- worldremmit


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