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Top 10 writing sites that pay in dollars ( Outstanding Recommendation) – 2023


Writing sites that pay in dollars – 

Imagine this: you’re a passionate writer, pouring your heart and soul into crafting captivating stories and informative articles. You dream of making a living from your writing, but the thought of earning in dollars seems like a distant fantasy.


Well, my fellow wordsmiths, I’m here to tell you that dreams can come true.


In this blog post, we will embark on a storytelling journey through the realm of writing sites that pay in dollars. These magical platforms offer an opportunity to monetize your writing skills and earn a currency that holds global value.


Picture yourself sitting at your writing desk, As you browse through the top writing sites, you can’t help but feel a surge of excitement. These sites are like treasure troves, filled with endless possibilities and potential for writers like yourself to unlock their true earning potential.


Each site has its own unique charm and offerings. Some are dedicated to freelance writing gigs, where you can showcase your versatility across various topics.


But this isn’t just a list of writing sites. It’s a journey filled with storytelling and inspiration. We’ll delve into the experiences of fellow writers who have found success through these platforms, their stories serving as beacons of hope for aspiring wordsmiths like yourself.


Together, we’ll uncover the hidden gems that pay top dollar for your prose, whether it’s through freelance assignments, content creation, or even revenue sharing models. We’ll discuss the factors that set these sites apart, from their payment structures to their user-friendly interfaces and supportive communities.


So, fellow writers, get ready to embark on a storytelling adventure like no other.


The world of writing sites that pay in dollars awaits you, beckoning you to unleash your creative prowess and turn your passion into a sustainable income. Let’s dive in and discover the magical realm where your words are not only appreciated but rewarded in the most coveted currency of all – the mighty dollar.


Top 10 writing sites that pay in dollars ( Flaxx Recommendation) -2023


1. Fiverr


Writing sites that pay in dollars


Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where you can get paid to write articles by creating a “Gig” and becoming a seller.

A gig is purchased every 4 seconds on Fiverr, with freelancers and experts making anywhere from $5 to $15,000+ per project.

The best writers on Fiverr easily make more than $100 per article, so if that’s what you’re after, it’s a great place to start.


2. Greatist


Writing sites that pay in dollars


Niche: Mental Health/Relationships/Getting Healthier

Amount: $125+

Payment Method: Unspecified

Greatist is a blog focused on relationships, mental health, and life as it affects 20- and 30-somethings.


They are looking for articles about mental health, relationships, and getting healthier. Greatist also accepts career-related articles (especially when it comes to achieving work/life balance and being more productive), struggles with substance abuse, and social media/technology.


They expect articles to be between 1,000 – 1,500 words and pay at least $125 for each article they accept.


3. Longreads


Writing sites that pay in dollars


Niche: Anything

Amount: $250 – $1,500+

Payment Method: Unspecified


Longreads is looking for well-written, well-told, and easy to follow stories that illustrate relatable human experience that their readers can identify with.


They want blog posts, reading lists, short interviews, personal essays, memoirs, critical essays, book reviews, investigative projects, and long-form journalism.


Depending on what category your submission falls into, it can be between 800 to 6,000 words. They pay a minimum of $250 and up to $1,500+ per article.


4. Listverse


Writing sites that pay in dollars


Niche: General

Amount: $100

Payment Method: Paypal

Listverse is possibly the foremost authority when it comes to lists online, and they boast an audience of over 15 million readers a month.

They are looking for unique lists of 10 items, usually at least 1,500 words, and they pay $100 upon acceptance of your list.


5. Copyhackers


Sites that will pay - Copyhackers


Niche: Copywriting/Startups/Marketing/Freelancing

Amount: $325

Payment Method: Paypal

Copyhackers is interested in practical content for startups, marketers, freelancers, and designers.

They are looking for articles that discuss topics that include launching and growing a business, freelancing for lifestyle/money, conversion copywriting, UX and A/B testing, product design, persuasion, and psychology, etc.

Copyhackers expect articles to be in-depth and thoroughly researched. They rarely accept articles less than 2,000 words and want articles to feature a first-person story/account.

They pay $325 per article.


6. Metro Parents


Metro Parent - site where you can get paid to write articles


Niche: Parenting

Amount: $35 – $350

Payment Method: Check


Metro Parent is a leading parenting publication looking for parenting articles. They pay $35 – $350 per article and they want features to be within 1,000 – 2,500 words.

Metro Parent has a preference for articles from local freelance writers in the following communities: Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne Counties.

They pay via Check upon publication of your article, within the first week of the month of publication.


7. International Living


International Living - site where you can get paid to write articles


Niche: Living Overseas

Amount: $250 – $400

Payment Method:

International Living is a publication focusing on living and retiring overseas, and they are looking for articles about living and retiring overseas.

They pay $250 for 840 words, and $400 for 1,400 words. They also pay $50 for one-tine use of your photographs, and they pay upon publication of your article.

8. Sitepoint


Sitepoint - site where you can get paid to write articles

Niche: Web Development

Amount: $150 – $200

Payment Method: Unspecified

Sitepoint is an authority when it comes to web development, and they are looking for in-depth articles about HTML, CSS and SASS.

They pay $150 for articles and $200 for tutorials, and they often pay more for articles that are more comprehensive and that they feel will do well traffic-wise.

9. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean - site where you can get paid to write articles


Niche: Linux

Amount: $50 – $200

Payment Method: Paypal

Digital Ocean is looking for beautifully-written tutorials about Linux and FreeBSD cloud hosting and, besides potentially gaining exposure to their millions of readers, you can also make up to $200 per article.


Your article can come in form of Updates, Simple Tutorials and In-Depth Tutorials, and you can earn $50, $100 or $200 respectively depending on what category it falls into.


10. The Penny Hoarder


The Penny Hoarder - site where you can get paid to write articles


Niche: Finance

Amount: Up to $75

Payment Method: Paypal

The Penny Hoarder is a leading personal finance publication, and they are looking for articles mostly based on personal experience. Especially ones containing detailed numbers, strategies and advice about saving or earning money.

They prefer articles to be 700 – 900 words, and they pay up to $75 per article depending on a lot of factors; you might need to reach out to their editor first to discuss payment.


Conclusion :


Congratulations! You have now embarked on a thrilling journey through the realm of writing sites that pay in dollars. We have explored the top 10 platforms that can transform your writing passion into a rewarding source of income. As we reach the end of this adventure, it’s time to reflect on the possibilities that lie before you.


The world of online writing offers immense opportunities for creative individuals like yourself.


Whether you aspire to be a freelance writer, a niche specialist, or a content creator, these writing sites hold the key to unlocking your earning potential. The power to monetize your talent and be paid in dollars is within your grasp.


So, what’s next? Take a moment to assess your goals and aspirations as a writer. Consider the niches you are passionate about, the topics that ignite your creativity, and the writing styles that resonate with you.


Use this knowledge to navigate the writing sites we have explored and find the ones that align with your unique strengths and interests.


But remember, success doesn’t come overnight. It takes dedication, perseverance, and continuous improvement. As you embark on your writing journey, embrace every opportunity to learn and grow. Engage with the supportive communities on these platforms, seek feedback from fellow writers, and refine your craft.


Most importantly, never lose sight of your dreams. Believe in the power of your words and the value you bring to the table. With determination and a relentless pursuit of excellence, you can establish yourself as a respected writer and earn a substantial income through these writing sites.


Now, it’s time for you to take action. Explore the top 10 writing sites we have discussed, sign up, and begin your writing adventure. Embrace the challenges, seize the opportunities, and let your words shine brightly as you earn in dollars.


Remember, your journey as a writer is unique, and these writing sites are merely stepping stones towards your ultimate success.


So, with pen in hand (or keyboard at your fingertips), go forth and conquer the world of online writing. Your words have the power to change lives and inspire others. Embrace this power and let it fuel your journey to writing greatness.


Start today, and let the world witness the magic of your words on these exceptional writing sites that pay in dollars. The time for your writing dreams to become a reality is now.


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