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3 Outstanding Side Hustles That Pay Over $1500 Monthly From Home In Nigeria 2022


Side hustle is the prime for any average Nigerian looking to find their way to grow their income daily. Even with a 9-5 job, side hustles are still very essential to stay afloat in this current economy, i am currently sitting in my 5-foot mini office trying to put in the research and filter the noise to give you the best possible results…

The top 3 outstanding side hustles in Nigeria right now is arguably Blogging, Selling products on eCommerce websites and YouTube content creation

I am in no way an expert in this field, i’m just committed to putting in an enormous amount of time, work and resource to making sure i bring you the best results to make better decisions as an online entrepreneur.

In this article, ill be answering some of your concerns and frequently asked questions when it comes to making money online with side hustles

  • Side hustles that pay daily
  • Best side hustles for students
  • How can i make money without hustling in Nigeria?
  • Most Profitable side hustle
  • Easy side hustles from home
  • Top 10 side hustle sites in Nigeria

So without spending all the time we have on a lengthy introduction, lets get into today’s article…


3 Outstanding Side Hustles That Pay Over $1500 Monthly From Home In Nigeria 2022


Side Hustles


In this recent day and time, making a single penny online is not comedy, you should understand this and be ready to put in all the work without making any excuses for failure. if an extra $1500 sound like what you want, i’m here to walk you through make exactly $1500 dollars in the coming months…

Here are arguably the most fastest ways you can bank $1500 monthly as a side hustle in Nigeria, in no particular order, the first on our list is:




Side hustles



The average salary of a blogger ranges between $500 – $2000 per month. If your blog consistently aims at delivering valuable content to an audience, you could earn a generous amount of income from it in the long run. In the first year, Most bloggers make around $500-$2000 per month if they consistently post valuable contents.

But i’m in no way suggesting that you start making returns almost immediately, because that will be a full blown lie, blogging takes months upon months to start getting returns for your labor and hard work…

The good thing about blogging is that you don’t have to work on it every day. You need a few hours a week to research, develop, and deliver great content. Once you have a consistent posting schedule, you’re good to go.


Some of the ways to make money via blogging on WordPress include:


  1. Blog content monetization: Affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, or sell sponsored blog posts.
  2. Paid membership website: Limit valuable information for members only.
  3. Paid webinars and online courses: Make money while teaching something you’re passionate and knowledgeable about.
  4. E-Commerce business via WooCommerce: Add a plugin to your WordPress and set up a new store in minutes. The sky’s the limit in terms of what you can sell.


The best thing about blogging is that Absolutely anyone can do it, all you need is a strong fluency in English develop writing skills and if you want to learn the technical details, there are hundreds of free tutorials available online. YouTube is your trusted friend, make valuable use of the free resource


I have attached a video to this article to enable you set up your blog within the shortest possible time and scale that up with hard work and consistency, so this brings us to side hustle Number 2


Selling Products on E-commerce Websites


side hustles


Using platforms like eBayBig  CartelEtsy, or Amazon, you can establish an online business where you’re selling your products around the world and reaching a wider audience within the shortest possible time, the average salary of anyone who runs an e-commerce website ranges between $1,000-$25,000 per month.


You can make and sell; wedding cards, hand-dyed yarn, stickers and enamel pins, charms and even clothing. The juicy part of this business model is that almost all operations can be outsourced. For instance, manufacturing, accounting and transportation…


You can hire a company to print your designs on a sticker, enamel pin, cap or t-shirt. These companies might even help you with shipping and in addition to shipping service, companies like GS-JJ pins and CustomSticker even offer free design assistance. There is no shortage of companies who you can collaborate with to bring your dream products to life.



There is no skill you cannot translate into a profitable product. Once you’ve picked a skill, define a price point, and set up a shop. and this leads us finally to Number 3


Content Creation on You-Tube


side hustles


Similar to blogging, Youtube is one of the top-paying side hustles that you can start today to invest time and effort into. All you need to do is consistently create valuable and enjoyable content. Indeed, your earnings will grow with your viewership and fan loyalty.


There are many ways to earn from YouTube. For instance, you can monetize your account with AdSense. In addition to that, you can do sponsored videos for companies. Moreover, you can earn via affiliate marketing. There’s a variety of ways to earn through your YouTube channel.


One great benefit of monetizing your account is that old, monetized videos can easily become a recurring income from your videos.Perhaps the best part of this side hustle is that you can make content for whatever you are passionate ab out.

  • Do you love doing makeovers and creating looks? Then you can review products and share makeup tutorials.
  • Do you like fitness exercises? Then you can make content on fitness exercises and show your passion for physical fitness.
  • Do you love cars? Then you can share maintenance tips.
  • Do you love unboxing? Then you can make videos where you are unboxing mystery boxes.
  • Do you enjoy celebrity gossip? Then you can talk about celebrities and share updates from their lives.

And there you have; my top 3 most recommended side hustles that can make you $1500 monthly and below are answers to some very frequently asked questions about side hustles and passive income earning.

Side hustles that pay daily


Starting a side hustle that pays daily is something that can result in a lot of extra income. However, finding a side hustle that pays every day can be difficult to do. You really have to search high and low to find out how to make money on a daily basis.

I have compiled a quick list of side hustles that can equate to daily payments. Start with this list and see if you can branch out from here. I’ve received daily money from these side hustles and you can too.



Selling on eBay gives you the option of requesting daily payouts. As long as you have sold items and funds are available you can get paid every day.

If you’re looking for items to sell, try selling some used items on eBay. Used items around your house are worth value and you can start making money and getting daily payments by selling them.

Reselling items you find at thrift stores can equal daily money and hundreds of dollars every month in your pockets.



Taking surveys on MTurk is another great way to earn money every day. Survey sites offer the chance to get paid for your opinions. Depending on the kind of survey you’re taking, the amount of money you’ll be getting paid will vary.

 You can earn money every day and get paid two times each week.As for the payouts, you can choose to get payments sent to your bank account or your Amazon gift card balance.

Best side hustles for students

Here are 8 popular side hustle ideas for students
side hustles
  1. Ride sharing / food delivery. If you have access to a car, this may be a good gig for you. …
  2. Proofreading
  3. Sell products or services online
  4. Sell stock photos/videos online
  5. Participate in market research
  6. Rent out your parking space
  7. Pet sitting or dog walking
  8. Tutoring.

How can i make money without hustling in Nigeria?


This was the most hilarious i came across while researching this topic, how do you expect to make money without putting in any work or skill to produce valuable results,  i really don’t know if it is possible for anyone out there, but from my side, i have no recommendation for result without hard work, but nonetheless, if you are on this table, i wish you all the best.


Most Profitable side hustle


As i said earlier, the top three side hustles that can earn you enough to go by monthly within $500-$2000 are:


Selling products on e-commerce websites

content creation on YouTube


Top 10 side hustle sites in Nigeria


So tentatively, this is all i have for you on this article, you can check out our latest articles and tell me what you think in the comments down below.


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